Currently - March 7th

Currently is a weekly recap of the little things going on in my life. Also it keeps me accountable for the things I should be doing.

Watching | Big Sky on ABC. This show was on my list. Last week, a coworker suggested that I needed to get caught up on the series because it was worth the watch.

Reading | Caraval by Stephanie Garber. This is a re-read from 2017. I enjoyed it the first time, but never finished the trilogy. 

Thinking | I was walking a short trail at Mammoth Cave yesterday. I stopped for a second and just took a deep breath. Smelling nothing, but the cold, fresh air. The trails and tours looked pretty busy.  Families, friends, couples with their little doggos. It was nice. Everyone was respectful. Some wore masks, some did not, but everyone stayed socially distant. I started thinking about how much we've really missed this last year. For me, March 13th was the last day anything was "normal". We left that school that afternoon not realizing that we wouldn't be back that year. Here we are, a year into what was supposed to be just a couple of weeks. Yet somehow we are adapting, changing. Beginning to live a new type of life. 

Making | I haven't knit a single item in way too long, I can't even lie and say, "I don't have the time." In reality, I have plenty of time. I just end up doing something else and forget that I have about 3 totes full of yarn. I better do something with it soon or my husband will sell it all. 

Doing | *more like what I'm not doing...*  After the all day ride and car show on Saturday, I did not want to cook dinner. I decided to stop by the grocery store on the way home and see what wanted to come home with me and be eaten. Turns out that a rotisserie chicken was sitting just waiting for me to snatch it up. I grabbed the chicken, some bow tie pasta (because I'm fancy), and a couple of jars of alfredo sauce. I only needed one, but they were on sale 2/$4. This meal took me about 15 minutes to make once I got home. Bonus points because it only cost about $6. My total was about $13, but I only used half of all the ingredients. Can't beat that for a quick meal!

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