Currently - End of March

Watching | I have just started watching Debris on NBC. The first episode definitely caught my attention. There was so much going on it just that episode. I can't wait to see where this story goes.

Reading | I am still reading Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I've kind of slacked off on my nightly reading. Our school district has returned to 4 day a week in-person classes so I've been pretty tired. I wasn't expecting the fatigue that comes from doubled class sizes, but it has been an adjustment.

Thinking | Talking about returning to in-person has me thinking about how the students are adjusting as well. We took a survey and many of the students reported that they missed the smaller class sizes for various reasons, but mainly because the classes were quiet and they were able to get more one on one time with their teachers. I work with 8th grade students and while you would assume they are used to the larger class sizes (18-22 students/class) and more socialization, the majority don't like it.

Making | I was finally able to purchase a heat press from Cricut and make some designs to use on some heat transfer vinyl for the first time. I made three shirts and only messed up a little bit on one design so I'm checking that off on the win column.

Doing | Next week is our Spring break week and we are prepping to do a lot of work around our house instead of taking a vacation. We've got lots of "spring cleaning" to do. My husband was able to take a few vacation days so we should, in theory, be able to get quite a lot of work done.

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