Highs & Lows

Energy Lake | Land Between the Lakes | Kentucky | July 2019
Last week, when I was volunteering at Rowan's school, I was able to witness a new activity that the kids do in the classroom every day. At the beginning of the school day, they all sit together on a carpet and the teacher will pull a popsicle stick out of a can with the name of a student. Then that student can share their highs for the day (or weekend) before and/or their lows. The teacher shares hers too!

What a brilliant, yet simple, idea.

I get that the younger students may not quite grasp an understanding of what this all means. Ro is in the 3rd grade now so they can understand, relate, and be able to show empathy to their fellow classmates. To understand why their friend may be acting out or feeling down.

And what a tool for the teacher as well! Maybe she/he noticed that a certain child wasn't as spunky or maybe there is one that is just so excited about something fun that happened. She is able to get a bit of one-on-one time with the students this way. It helps them show respect for each other by listening to one another.

On the second day I was there, Rowan's teacher pulled her stick out and asked her if she had any highs or lows she wanted to talk about. (Because it's always voluntary, no child HAS to say anything if they don't want to do so.) She looked up at me. I understood she would speak more openly if I weren't in the room, so I stepped out into the hallway so she could have privacy from her parent's eyes.

Later, her teacher asked me, "Do you know what Rowan's high was?"

"Me volunteering at school?", I said.

"No." She said, "Rowan said she didn't have a low and that her high was getting a new doorknob!"

And that's how I knew my kid was going to be OK.

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