Currently | August 11th

Doing | We're getting back into the swing of things after starting a new year of school this week. I used to complain about starting back in the middle of the week, but now I'm glad to have a couple of days off after returning just to take a breath and work out any kinks.

Welcome to 3rd grade!
Thinking | It's been a little odd for me this week. I've always had at least two children to get ready for school every morning until this week. Now it's just Rowan. It's a relief, but also makes me sad because my two other "babies" are adults now. I'm not really sure how this happened either. I blinked and they weren't my babies anymore.

Reading | On Prime Day, I bought a Fire tablet. I am still a HUGE fan of physical books, but having a Kindle to read with when I can't have a light on is awesome! So while I am currently reading a physical book (Legendary by Stephanie Garber, book #2 in the Caraval series), I quickly read two books on the tablet, Stillhouse Lake and Killman Creek by Rachel Caine. I found they kept me wanting to read more, but I also skimmed through much of the non dialog. The "inner" dialog from the main character seemed a little repetitive to me. There are more books in the series, but I think, for me, the story was complete after two.

Watching | We are in a bit of a show hole at the moment. Over the Summer break, we began binge watching the old MTV show, Teen Wolf. It started as just Rowan and myself, but then my husband got interested too. We now all hope it is a show that someone will reboot soon.

Eating | We love our Ninja Foodi. We have the 6.5qt version without the dehydrate option. A Foodi is a combination pressure cooker, air fryer, and slow cooker. We bought it a few months ago and it has more than paid for itself. In the upcoming week, I'm going to be taking an old recipe (Taco a la Pasta sans Tortillas) that was a big hit in our house and adapting it for the Foodi. Probably give it another name too because that other one was long as shit.

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