Currently | Week 4

Sharing | More like NOT sharing around here. My son started a new job on Monday, but got nasty sick with a stomach virus on Thursday night. He got up and went into work on Friday morning, but they sent him home after a couple of hours. He slept all day long. He has managed to not share that with us. Sometimes sharing is not caring.

Thinking | We have to buy our home this year. This has been heavy on my mind for several months. I have so many questions and not enough answers. I am also ashamed that I am 40 years old and have never purchased a house.

Redoing | My anti-virus program. For years I have used McAfee, but dang.. it's expensive. When there are so many other less expensive, but just as good products out there, why have I been wasting my money for so long?!

Eating | I made this Easy Taco Casserole because I was attempting a low carb Keto diet. For about 2 days, but then bread and cheese won that battle. However, this was an easy recipe and everyone in the house thought it tasted good as well.

Watching | The Masked Singer on Fox. It's actually kind of good. Entertaining. I totally think the Bee is Tina Turner.

Weather | This week the weather has been cold. We were out of school on Monday for the holiday, but got out on Tuesday for slightly slick roads.

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