Currently | June 24th

Doing | So much cleaning. I told my friend, Cam, that it's like The Purge around here. Except with less murder. I do feel like I'm pillaging a little though. Going through room by room and throwing out... stuff. I'm a pack rat. I admit it. I'm coming to the realization that less is more and no, I don't need that thing or that piece of clothing because I might need it next year or the year after or any time in the future.

Listening | Since school let out, I've been trying to enjoy my morning cup of coffee while sitting on the front porch more often. It's nice to just take a few minutes to listen to the day begin.

Thinking | Too much. Brain is going 24/7 right now. Thinking of all the things I need to move, organize, paint, or throw out. I told y'all... it's The Purge.

Eating | That garden fresh cabbage and a chicken pasta with more garden fresh veggies; banana peppers and basil.

Reading | Ok, so I've checked out Three Dark Crowns from the library twice now. I don't know why, but I've not even opened it either time. It's due to be returned in a few days. I'm too embarrassed to check it out again!

Watching | Luke Cage, Season 2!!

Weather | In my cleaning adventure, I managed to dig up an old telescope that the oldest kids had when they were younger. We even managed to see Saturn once with it. Ro was amazed by the whole deal. The Full moon is coming this week. I can't wait to introduce her to star gazing in a new way.


  1. I am proud of your purge... I love to get rid of stuff, haha. My attic has way more stuff than I'd like it to, so this fall, I'm gonna climb up there and get rid of some stuff too!

    1. The Purge has been on hiatus this week. Currently waiting for the next grand exit to begin The Purge: Part Deux, expected release date is this weekend.