Currently | May the 4th Be With You

I missed posting on Sunday because it was an impossibly long and stressful week. I just did not have the mental ability to sit down and write out a post. Instead, we had family over, sat around enjoying the beautiful sunshine, and smoked a delicious roast. So you are getting a two week recap on Fri-YAY.

Doing | All the things. Doctor appointments, end of year archery tournament, soccer games, and then my two oldest had PROM!

Left to right: My daughter, Kaia, and her date Nick, my son, Neil, and his date Tara.
Listening | Lots of ambient, relaxing tunes. Stress, y'all.

Thinking | It hasn't been really put out into the Universe yet due to a mishap last week, but my daughter found out (for certain) on Tuesday of last week that she is going to be having a baby in December! The past week and a half has been...  emotional to say the least. I've been doing a lot thinking about the future.

Eating | My dad recently moved back to Kentucky from Florida. It's nice to have him back. We had an accidental breakfast together this week. It was nice to just sit and have a talk with him.

Reading | The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I read this book in 2013, but never finished the series so I'm re-reading it before continuing the rest.

Watching | The Handmaid's Tale! Season 2 is on Hulu. Well, an episode every week anyway. I kind of like that though.

Weather | Kentucky officially skipped Spring and went right to Summer. It's been so beautiful and sunny, but also it's been in the 80's and HOT.

On My Needles | I haven't started a new project yet. My mind has just been in other places.

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  1. I still can't believe's just crazy that this is where we are now.
    I am still pissed that we didn't get a Spring. We better have a beautiful fall!!