Currently | April 8th

Currently is a weekly post of blog prompts to catch up on the week. You can use all the prompts or just use a few!

Doing | Supervising my husband while he rips out the flooring in the kitchen. There will definitely be a separate post about this crazy ass adventure.

Thinking | Many people don't believe in astrology or mysticism, but let me tell you...  any time that Mercury is retrograde I am in full on panic mode. It NEVER fails to throw everything it can at me or my family. This cycle was no exception. This is a "vaguebook" post for now. Stay tuned for further insanity in the near future.

Eating | Honestly, other than those cabbage steaks from Hell, I've been winging it on food. This was Spring break week here so we've all been pretty lazy.

Reading | Cruel Prince by Holly Black. Finished this yesterday! I was kind of slow to get started on it, but once I did... whoa. I usually try to read a couple of chapters of a book while laying in bed. On Friday night, I went to bed about 10pm. I realized around 2am that, uh... it was 2am! So I reluctantly put the book down and got some sleep. It's just a really good read and I look forward to the next book in the series.

Watching | I watched the premiere of The Crossing on ABC. It wasn't bad and I'm interested to see where they take the show. Of course, it's ABC so they will probably cancel it.  Also, Siren on Freeform. I was expecting it to be bad, but I'm pleasantly surprised by it.

Weather | The weather is Kentucky is off it's bipolar medicine. Disclaimer:  I do not intend for this statement to in any way lessen the seriousness of a mental disorder. 

On My Needles | Finishing up a Flax Light sweater for Ro, using Knit Picks Felici yarn in the Dark Side colorway.

Prompts for next week: 
doing, thinking, eating, reading, watching, weather, reaching, discovering, appreciating

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