Currently | April 22nd

Currently is a weekly post of blog prompts to catch up on the week. You can use all the prompts or just use a few!

Doing | The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. We found out on the 9th that my mom would be having kidney surgery on the 13th. We changed our work schedules and did all the preparations for childcare. Then the arrival and surgery times changed on the 12th so we had to readjust all our stuff. The day of surgery started out ok, but by that evening turned south quickly. The University of Louisville is not a place I would ever recommend for surgical procedures. Trying to make a long story short, my mom didn't wake from her 3:30pm surgery until 2:30am. Had to have a crash cart outside her room on Saturday (14th) because her blood pressure was dangerously low and she couldn't catch her breath. Came home on Monday with a pain medication prescription that the doctor neglected to sign so the pharmacy could not fill it (we live two hours away from the hospital), and also came home with an oxygen tank that belonged to the hospital. Took hours to figure that all out, but then on Thursday, my mom's doctor made a home visit and discovered that my mom had pneumonia (explains why she couldn't breath the whole time she was there) that went un-diagnosed by the hospital staff. THEN!!! The hospital tried to tell both the pharmacy and the doctor's office that it was all our fault because we left too early. Except no, we didn't. The discharge nurse explained what to do at home, had my mother sign discharge papers, ordered transportation, and that was that. We left when the orderly came with the wheelchair.

I will never go there again. Big hospitals have too many patients and not enough staff. Period.

Listening | I have been playing the hell out of my '80's Pop Radio station on Pandora. I'm in this weird, sort of gray area of generations where I grew up in both the '80's and the 90's so I have a love of all types of music genres.

Thinking | How I will never, ever, ever go to the University of Louisville hospital for anything. Ever.

Eating | I made some cauliflower buffalo bites that I'm planning on making a post about later this week.

Reading | I had to renew my library borrow of Three Dark Crowns because I hadn't even started it yet.

Watching | Lost in Space on Netflix.

Weather | Well, it snowed and then it was in the 70's so yeah. Winter and Spring need to stop arguing and just agree to see each other next year.

On My Needles | I haven't started a new project yet because I've just been too freaking stressed out.

Joining | No more joining things for me. I'm done being a joiner.

Eliminating | Hmmm... this is a tough one because I haven't really eliminating anything, but I might have added some day drinking into my schedule (only on the weekend).

Wearing | Lots of yoga pants and leggings because I can't even with the last two weeks.

*Next week's extra prompts: creating, finding, buying*

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