Currently | January 7th

Doing | Quite a lot of crying, praying, sending all those "good vibes" that you hear about. There has been bad news and tragedy lately with people near to me. My best friend's niece was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She turns three years old on January 22nd. She is so small and no child should have to fight like this so early in their life. Just yesterday a fellow soccer family lost their little girl, 12 years old. She had the flu, but then she had a severe asthma attack that lead to her heart stopping. She was rushed to the best hospital around, but had gone too long without oxygen. Mothers can fell the pain of other mothers.

Thinking | I haven't really set any resolutions or picked a word for the new year. However, I made a conscience decision at the end of last year to scale back. I was stretching myself too thin and was getting burned out. Instead of being on three booster organizations, I am a part of one. Instead of volunteering everyday at the elementary school, I only go once a week. I'm setting goals for knitting projects, journaling, books to read. I've even decided to try doing a photo-a-day via the prompts from Fat Mum Slim again. I guess 2018 will be a year for me to refill my own cup.

Eating | I found some chicken leg quarters on sale for $0.49 a pound! You had to buy a 10 pound bag, but still a deal. I separated it all out, froze some, and then made this yummy garlic roasted recipe. We love some garlic up in this house.

Reading | American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I'm making good progress by reading at least one chapter every night before going to bed.

Watching | The X-Files is back! I watched the first episode and wasn't very excited by it unfortunately.

Weather | Cold. Very cold. We have had a solid two weeks of temperatures that have not risen above (or even near) freezing. My electric bill is going to be astronomical.

On My Needles | I finished my ear warmer. I haven't really decided on a new project yet. Though I do need to get started on one soon. I've set myself a goal of finishing 10 projects this year.

Photo A Day Week
1. I Am Here. My front door.
2. Yellow. I work as a school bus monitor so this prompt was easy peasy.
3. On the Floor. Our monster of a puppy, Luther the Licker (because he licks EVERYTHING).
4. Plain. I mentioned it has been very cold here. I didn't have boots so the bus driver gifted me with a pair that she didn't wear. My toes have been grateful.
5. Stacked. We got a few tiny little flurries that stacked up on cars briefly.
6. Happy Place. Who doesn't get happy for chips and salsa?!


  1. I am always so proud of your commitment to the Photo a Day challenges. You know I always blow it. Haha!

    1. Yeah... on my second week and I've missed a day. The prompt was "floral" and like... it's the dead of Winter. No floral doing here! Haha!