Currently | January 24th

Doing | Thinking | I came across a little post today that said, "Spend more time with people who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you." That resonated with me. I've always had a problem telling people no when it comes to helping out or volunteering for things. I feel bad for not helping so I always just do it. This is in direct opposition to my anxiety which usually means that I either always talk non-stop and say stupid things or I stare blankly into space and look like a deer in the headlights. Also, this causes me an insane amount of stress. So you know how everyone makes resolutions or chooses a word for their new year? I don't do those. However, this year, just like Meghan Trainor, my name is no, my sign is no, my number is no.

Eating | We made this chili recipe. Skipped the crock pot, used the stove top. Also husband forgot mustard powder so I totally just squirted some regular mustard in there.

Reading | American Gods. It's a long book.

Watching | After many, MANY  recommendations from my friend, Cam, I finally started to watch Grace & Frankie on Netflix. I was stupid for not listening to her. I love it. My husband loves it. Even Ro loves it (and she probably shouldn't be watching it, but what-the-fuck-ever).

Weather | Still Winter, just not quite as cold. All that snow melted and it was the nastiest soggy ass mess for like three days.

On My Needles | Super Scrunchy Baby Hat... still. I need to commit more time to knitting.

Photo A Day Week

14. Faceless Portrait | A portrait of me being lazy on Sunday while playing Runescape.
15. New | Took my son to introduce my grandson to his great-great grandfather.
16. Wall | Wall of books that really needs to be reorganized.
17. Thoughtful | It was thoughtful of the Sun to make an appearance even if it was still cold.
18. Cool | Happened upon this Year of Colour thingy that uses your Instagram to show colors.
19. Paper | The paper in my Plum Paper planner is so very smooth!
20. Reflection | At the archery tournament on Saturday, I had the chance for some reflection on my childhood as we were at the elementary/middle school that I attended from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

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  1. 2018: THE YEAR OF NO...HELLLLL NO. (haha)

    On G & F and Ro: One day, Kindred ran around the house yelling, "This is not my lube!! My bagina can tell!!!" I'm so glad you FINALLY watched it...and all it took was that one subtle mention of it. (haha, as if. I lobbied hard. My investors will be pleased.)

    Weather: forever whacked.