Currently | January 16th

I know I'm a little behind this week. Stuffs been happenin' y'all.

Doing | Listening | Thinking | Baby! My grandson made a surprise appearance about 3.5 weeks early on Tuesday evening. My son's girlfriend did amazing during labor. He wasn't too bad either, but she did the hard work. Her water broke about 10:15pm on Monday night and little O was born at 5:46pm on Tuesday. He's absolutely squishy and we can't wait to love on him some more!

Eating | I made this buffalo chicken pasta for dinner one night. It was pretty easy and everyone liked it.

I did a few things differently than the recipe.
  • I used some chicken leg quarters that we'd gotten on sale instead of boneless, skinless breast. 
  • I used ranch dressing in place of blue cheese (most reviews on Pinterest said they'd done the same).

A few things I'll do differently the next time I make it.
  • Use more than 2 cups of chicken.
  • Use 1/4 cup of hot sauce.
  • Omit the black pepper altogether.

Reading | American Gods.

Watching | Tons of movies because we're stuck up in this house...

Weather | Snow-mah-gawd. Winter is here. It's cold. It's snowy. Kentucky is closed. Current temperature listed for my county at top, wind chill temperatures across the state as I write this:

On My Needles | Super Stretchy Baby Hat for my grandson, O.

Photo A Day Week

7. Light | Still have my Christmas lights up.
8. Splendid | My splendid mess. I frogged the scarf.
9. Everyday Moments | My son being a great birthing partner for his girlfriend.
10. I Like This! | Oops... missed a day.
11. Me | Me holding my grandson for the first time!
12. Sweet | Snow days are sweet!
13. Floral | Oops... missed another day. But seriously, it's Winter and nothing is very floral right now.