Currently | December 17th

Falls of Rough, KY | December 2017

Doing | I have had this blog since 2007. I posted quite a lot of content in the last ten years. Ten years is a very long time when you are talking about a blog, I suppose. I've lost my spark. I'm trying to find it again and in doing so have made the decision to delete blog posts from 2007-2013. Fair thee well.

Listening | Rowan made a huge leap in her MAP testing score from the Fall to Winter. She reached her goal and raised her score 11 points! I am not a big fan of these tests, but I can see her growth for myself. A couple of days ago, she picked up one of her Junie B. Jones books and began to read it to me. She still needs help with a word or two, but 95% of the time, she could read/sound them out for herself.

Thinking | About the upcoming new year. As you do at the end of the current year. Attempting to make a game plan to nurture my Self. I spend so much of my time nurturing others that I don't take the time for myself. I tend to think of doing things for me as being selfish and that is a mindset that I need to teach myself to change. Like posting on a more regular basis here...

Eating | Too many burgers. Rowan has been sick and had the flu for a week and all she wants to eat is burgers. So we've been eating burgers. Regular burgers, pesto burgers, mushroom & Swiss burgers...

Reading | I just started reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I probably messed up because I watched the first season of the show on Starz before beginning the book. To be honest, I didn't even realize it was a book until later.

Watching | We switched satellite providers and moved back to Dish Network. DirecTV was NOT doing it and AT&T made it worse. In fact, we switched phone service too. But I'm still trying to get the hang of this Hopper and DVR'ing my shows isn't going so well. Also... why don't any satellite providers offer the CW?!

Weather | Not snow. Here we are, the middle of December, and no snow. Yet... they get snow in parts of Florida and Georgia. I blame Mercury being in retrograde.

On My Needles | I'm working on an ear warmer for myself. The pupper, Luther, ate the pom off of my hat and now it just looks weird on my head.

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