Currently | Christmas

Doing | Christmas stuffs mostly. At this exact moment, I am sitting in my recliner, braless and in my pajamas since I woke up this morning, watching football and scrolling through Tumblr.

Listening | Sounds of excitement as the kids opened their gifts this morning. I was worried, but there was no need to be.

Thinking | I just did not find my Christmas spirit this year. Literally waited until the last week to do 90% of the gift shopping. I'm not sure where it went, but it did not find it's way back to me yet.

Eating | Cookies. We (and by "we", I mean me) baked cookies last night. Had to have something to leave for Santa. Then Rowan went to bed forgetting to set out a plate for him. Mom fail. So I left a few cookies and eggnog.... then scarfed them down right before she got up this morning. Breakfast of Mom's all across the world on Christmas morning.

Reading | American Gods by Neil Gaiman and then comparing the most recent electric bill since it's gotten colder with last month's bill. Yikes.

Weather | Two snowflakes overnight. Temperatures like the polar arctic.

On My Needles | Almost finished with the ear warmer.

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