Currently | September 3rd

Surrendering | I've been trying NOT to surrender to my anxiety and worry. Oh to be able to not have my brain keep me awake at night just constantly running about what I did, what I didn't do, what I could have done, what I will do, etc. I do not take enough time to recharge my own soul and I must begin to make that time.

Applying | Actually, I've been applying at a couple of new jobs. One is a paraeducator position at the elementary school. Which will require me to take a test because I haven't attended college. I also haven't taken a test in about... 20 years. So there's that.

Signing | Checks. One thing I did not anticipate when I began working as a bus monitor was Summer Break. It hadn't dawned on me that I wouldn't get a paycheck for two months. Oops. So I'm now signing over more checks than I'd like to be at the moment.

Researching | This one kind of goes with the "applying" because I've had to research things like... algebra. Ick. I have a 77 page study guide and a sparkly new Khan Academy account.

Drawing | Hot baths. For me: to relax. For Rowan: to help with the stuffy nose. It's always something around here.

Watching | Started watching Midnight, Texas recently. Because it is from Charlaine Harris, I was hoping it would grab my attention quickly. It's not True Blood though. *sad face*

Reading | I am without a book at the moment, but looking for suggestions.

Work in Progress | I'm still working on that chevron scarf, but now that we've let everyone know what the gender of our grandbaby is, I can start new projects!

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