Sunday Lately | July 2nd

When this post publishes, I will be on my way to soaking up the sun in south Florida! Here is what I have been doing this week before leaving.

Questioning | My sanity. I know this trip is LONG overdue, but riding in a car for 15+ hours with three kids (even two semi-grown kids) is probably going to leave us all pretty frazzled.

Feeding | Every week my husband takes in dinner for the others on his line at work. They rotate days and his day is Thursday. This week I made Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables that I found via Pinterest, of course, but found here. I snuck a little bite before I sent him off with it and it was delicious. Slow cooker meals are my jam.

Honoring | I promised myself I would start eating better and I am honoring that. Daily salads and more nuts. Less fried stuff bought at fast food places.

Decorating | Less decorating, more straightening. I reorganized my bookshelves. And uh... dusted them. There was a whole colony of dust bunnies living there.

Leaping | New post cards have me leaping with joy! This week I got two cards, one from the south of France (totally saying that with a thick fake French accent) and my first card from the US (and it's of a town in Germany!).

Watching | Shannara Chronicles. Well, re-watching. I discovered the show after it had originally aired on MTV by watching it on Netflix, but then found out that it was just kind of sitting in TV limbo. Not cancelled, but not filming either. Now it's coming back on the Spike Channel and I'm pretty excited.

Reading | Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I originally started this book several months ago, but put it down for some reason.

Work in Progress | Chevron scarf.

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