Currently | April 30th

Hello! How can this possibly be the last day of APRIL!?! How could I have missed so many updates?!

Well... I actually went back to a real job! I quit my last job in 2005 to become a homemaker and raise my children. When you haven't been in the workforce for 12 years, it kind of tires you out! I took a job as a bus monitor for our school district. So in the mornings and afternoons, I'm on the bus helping the driver to keep the kids safe. In between my shifts, I volunteer in my daughter's kindergarten class. 

So let's do a little catching up.

Both of my "babies" went to prom last night! This school year is almost over for them. I can not wrap my mind around the fact that next year, I will have a junior and a senior in high school! To me, they are still in elementary school and shouldn't be old enough to do things on their own.

Speaking of doing things on their own... At the beginning of April, just before/during Spring Break, my two oldest took a trip to Disney World with the school marching band. They got to march down Main Street USA! I wasn't able to make the trip with them, but thanks to modern technology, AKA Facebook Live, I got to watch too!

I didn't plan to go anywhere big for break because I knew the kids would be exhausted from their whirlwind tour of four Disney theme parks in three days. I didn't want the littlest to miss out on doing something though so we stayed close to home. 

I absolutely love this place. Land Between the Lakes 1850's Homeplace is a working 1800's farm. It's my favorite part of LBL. I could move there and be happy. Except I think I would require just a couple of modern amenities, like indoor plumbing and electricity.

The look on her face after she finally managed to pet a sheep. She said, "It's so soft... and dirty and smelly.", but then they had conversations and became the best of friends.

Somehow I have also managed to enroll the youngest in dance classes and become her soccer coach too. Overwhelmed doesn't even seem to cover it. I recently found this wonderful company called Calm-a-Mama that has flower essence tinctures for all sorts of things like stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. I bought some Calm Drops and some Happy Drops and my anxiety level has definitely decreased. I have stepped back some, even though it doesn't sound like I have, but I've taken on more of what I enjoy and less of what stresses me out. I still wish there were more hours in a day though.

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