Sunday Lately | February 19th

Here is what I've been enjoying, hoping, forgiving, delving, and relying on this week!

Enjoying | A full week of the kids being in school without sickness! *knock on wood*

Hoping | I am really hoping that this rather gnarly bruise on my arm will begin looking way less gnarly soon. On Monday, I decided I was going to shoot my daughter's bow. Obviously, I should have waited and done it while she was at home because I did not hold my arm correctly. The bowstring snapped the side of my arm a couple of times. Ok, ok... several times. I noticed because it hurt, but didn't really see it until about 30 minutes afterward when I took off my long sleeve shirt. It was HORRIBLE. I have been wearing long sleeves all week because I was afraid for people to see it.

Forgiving | Forgiving my son for growing up on me. I had to approve his class choices for his senior year of high school. I told myself I wouldn't cry, but then I cried anyway.

Delving | Into working again. I actually filled out and turned in an application for the first time in about 17 years. It felt strange. The local grocery store is hiring a part-time day shift cashier so I thought I'd give it a chance.

Relying | On the IRS to get my refund to me in a timely fashion. I may be waiting a while.

Watching | My first hyperlapse video.

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Reading | Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Works in Progress | I haven't made much progress this week on anything. Every time the weekend rolls around, I realize I didn't do half as much knitting as I said I would do.

  1. Flax Sweater - started January 2016  
  2. Garter Rib Baby Blanket - started September 2016 
  3.  Afterthought Heel Socks - started December 2016 
  4.  Bunnyclava - started January 2017

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