Currently | February 5th

Whoa. This week FLEW right past me! I'm pretty sure I lost it somewhere between a tissue and a nap.

Procrastinating | Every single thing. Because when your nose and ears are all stopped up, you sometimes lose the will to give a shit.

Hiding | My Little Debbie honey buns! They are small, sweet, fattening, probably not good for me, but oh so delicious and make a great quick breakfast on the go. However, my two older kids keep raiding the snack cabinet and eating all my goodies! So I'm hiding the good stuff like the Mom of the year that I am!

Imagining | I'm daydreaming about this most wondrous road trip that I am planning for my family. I may not have them all completely on board with the idea just yet. Everyone keeps screaming about sand and beaches. Sheesh... *Disclaimer: I love me some beach time too.

Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 5
I got the first travel guide in the mail this week. I'm even more excited to get this show on the road!

Sharing | I've been sharing some laughter and honest bewilderment. I usually avoid all things politics, but since I live about 30 miles North of Bowling Green, Kentucky, can I say that I survived the massacre? Maybe even buy a t-shirt?

I also feel guilt for finding humor in misspoken words about terrorist plots. There are REAL massacres that happen every single day. I am lucky to live in a place were these threats are not a daily occurrence to my family.

Praising | Oof. I haven't been feeling much praise much this week. I've actually been too grumpy. I need to change my focus this week and be a bit more optimistic.

Reading | I actually haven't started another book yet. Oops.

Watching | Bones. I hadn't been watching lately so I had to quick catch up on the current season. Since I haven't been doing much, it was easy to take some medicine and binge a few episodes.

Works in Progress | I have four knitting projects on my needles right now. A couple of them have been hibernating an overly long time. I'm kind of embarrassed about it.

  1. Flax Sweater - started January 2016
  2. Garter Rib Baby Blanket - started September 2016
  3. Afterthought Heel Socks - started December 2016
  4. Bunnyclava - started January 2017

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