100 Days of School | FREE Download

Today is the 100th day of school here. When my older kids were in elementary school, they celebrated the 100th day, but they never wanted shirts. I think we did a few cereal necklaces with Fruit Loops or something. Rowan, however, wanted a shirt. She was pretty specific about wanting it to have hearts as well.

The actual day kind of crept up on me. I was going to order her a cute little embroidered shirt from a shop on Etsy, but then it was the weekend before and I ran out of time. Embroidery is all the rage it seems, but I love an inexpensive, good ol' iron-on transfer.

I sat down Sunday morning and made a transfer with 100 little hearts. The first one I made with black lettering and realized after printing (and wasting a transfer) that my printer was out of black ink. Oops. So I changed the color to purple and pink and I think it turned out better!

Click here for FREE download of the transfer with black lettering.
Click here for FREE download of the transfer with purple/pink lettering.

Transfers are designed to fit an 8" x 10" sheet of transfer paper. Remember they are a mirror image. If the links to download don't work, just leave me a comment or email via the contact tab!

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