Currently | August 1st

Doing | The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. The two oldest had band camp and I volunteered every day to help take care of the cooking for the kids. The first day a girl fainted and fell face first into the floor. Broke her two front teeth. And that's pretty much how the whole two weeks went.

Thinking | Since we were gone so much over the last two weeks, we kind of neglected the house. Including the youngest's little blow up pool. The result of that is tadpoles. Now we are midwives to about 100 baby frogs. She wants to check on them daily.

Reading | I'm reading a lot of schedules. Boys soccer, girls soccer, band, and archery. My planner is getting a work out right now. The next two months will be so busy that I am exhausted just thinking about it all.

Watching | Helix. Just started watching this on Netflix and I'm trying to space it out because we binge watched Stranger Things in one day.

Eating | The whole two weeks of band camp I was eating McDonald's every day for breakfast. I have mucho regreto about that, but one kid had soccer practice from 7-8:30am, the other had soccer practice from 8-10am, and then both had to be at band after that so I just didn't have time (or energy) to cook better food at home.

Weather | Hot. Humid. Not much rain. It was so hot and humid these last two weeks that the band couldn't even work on their drill outside. Y'all it's hard to get 142 band students into a small field house or gym and get them to cooperate.

Work in Progress | El Oh El. No time for knitting. *sad face* I do have some baby gifts I need to get started on soon though.

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