Currently | July 17th

Doing | Getting prepared for my two oldest to attend band camp next week! We'll be there many hours. They'll be learning drill and music. I'll be helping serve food and keeping them hydrated and cool. Marching band gets made fun of, but it's pretty intense and I challenge anyone to say it's not a "sport".

Thinking | I was so disappointed yesterday. A little backstory: a local state park hasn't had it's beach (on a lake) open for seven-ish years due to flooding, erosion, and lack of funding. Recently, they put some money and work into it and reopened. We took our two oldest kids there all the time before it closed so I was very excited to go back. And we did last week and it was just as great as I hoped it would be. However, we planned all week to head there on Saturday as it was my husband's only day off this week. Mind you, this lake is a hour drive away. We pack up the cooler, get our gear, drive all the way there, and... ... ... the beach is closed. Not only the state park beach, but all of the beaches run by the Army Corp of Engineers were also closed. No explanation given.

Reading | A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1. Better known as A Game of Thrones. Almost done. Hopefully.

Watching | Outlander. I enjoy this show, but look forward to reading the books as well.

Eating | Cholesterol lowering stuff. I'm supposed to go back in August for a re-test of my levels and I'm trying to lower them without having to take medication. I did cheat today and had Taco Bell. 

Weather | Basically a repeat of last week. A bit less rain though.

Work in Progress | My Flax sweater. Still. Probably need to put this one on the shelf for a month or two.

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