Currently :: October 11th

Doing | I have been doing a whole lot of letting go. I'm not sure what it is, but something has just clicked in my brain/body. I'm done being completely stressed out about pretty much everything. I am slowing learning that things are what they are and if I can improve it, good, if I can't, move on.

Thinking | The husband's new job seems to be going well. He works four 12-hour shifts then he is off for four days. Shifts are 6am to 6pm and switch to 6pm to 6am every month. He just started his month of night shifts this week. It's a little strange.

Reading | Oh lord... uh yeah. Not much. I've been reading up on my tarot book, but that's about it.

Watching | All the things! I desperately wish that TV networks would space out when shows return for the "season". Every Fall I struggle to figure out what to watch, what to record, what to skip. I know, I know... #firstworldproblem.

Eating | September was pretty hectic and eating well was, unfortunately, not a big priority. We ate quite a few frozen pizzas and hot dogs. Hopefully, I can get myself organized again and being doing meal plans.

**Recipe I think you'd like: Frito Chili Pie from the Pioneer Woman. Husband and son wanted chili so I made this. They didn't eat it with the chips, but I threw some in a bowl, topped it with chili and gobs of cheese! By itself, it still made a nice tasting chili.

Weather | A little bit of cool weather, a little bit of warm weather. Definite prayers for all those living in South Carolina with too much water and those living in California with too little.

Work In Progress | I'm working on a Heirloom Chevron Throw.

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