Currently :: August 23rd

Doing: I'm doing a lot of finger crossing. Chris put in an application at the aluminum recycling plant in our town last week. He's done the interview and signed papers, but he still has a physical and drug test to do, scheduled for next week. This job will pay more and offer insurance benefits as well as retirement 401k. The next week or so is going to creep by until we hear if he has been officially hired or not.

Thinking: The first home football game of the season was Friday. The band boosters run the concessions for the games while the band plays during time outs and half time. It was a first for myself as well as a few of the other ladies. We didn't really have any idea what to expect, but at the end of the night, it was a success. I'm thinking that the rest of the home season will be just as successful!

Watching: Today I watched my four year old daughter be so excited with herself. We've had a mouse that has refused to be caught. He's tripped a couple of traps FOUR times and not been caught. He's sneaky, stealthy, brazen. Earlier this week, he walked across my chaise chair in the living room when I was sitting on the couch. The next day, as I was getting that four year old out of the bath tub, he struggled to drag a Sour Patch Kid across the kitchen floor... right in front of us! We had enough and my husband bought sticky traps today. This afternoon Rowan came into the living room from her room, huge smile on her face.

"I killed the mouse! I killed the mouse!"

My husband and I looked at each other, looked back at her. "Uh... where?"

"In my room! I killed it with my foot."

Surely, we thought, she's joking.  No. No, she was not. The mouse came from behind her bookshelf and stopped, looking at her. So she jumped down and "stomped it with my left foot". ERMAHGERD.

My daughter is a mouse murderer.

Eating: We've been eating a lot of frozen pizzas and not-so-good-for-you food. Between soccer games, football games, and various practices, we've just not been home to eat a better meal.

Loving the weather: I can smell Fall y'all! I'm sure it's seen as cliche, but it really is my favorite season. Always has been. I'm a big lover of football and bonfires, however, I am not a pumpkin spice latte fan or an Ugg boot fan so I suppose it evens out.


  1. I love my Ugg boots!

    That's totally creepy about the mouse!

    Good luck to Chris! I hope he gets the job!

    1. The mouse thing was so weird!! And he got it! We're so excited!