SUNDAY LATELY :: July 12th

The weekly Currently posts are becoming Sunday Lately posts. Randalin and Lindsey decided to "retire" so I'm going to begin a new journey with Katy, Nicole, and Meghan! Because sometimes I need to fill in the gaps in blog posts and I like having a little prompt.

this week's themes: Dwelling, Helping, Forgetting, Switching, Relying 

Oh I'm a dweller. I am always dwelling on something. It's a bad habit really. Constantly makes me bite my fingernails. Right now I'm dwelling on money matters. To be honest, I worry about that too much. It is what it is and at the moment I can't change the situation, but I still toss and turn most nights.

I am helping myself to a load of gingersnap cookies that my Mama made for me. She was totally awesome enough to make about 6 dozen cookies for the band fundraiser last weekend and somehow found the time to bake some cookies for me too! I'm trying to ration because she is leaving for a month to visit with my brother in Florida. I may have Mama cookie baking withdrawals.

I keep forgetting that my baby is just not a baby anymore. I had intentions of keeping her home as long as possible before sending her to school. I never planned to let her attend pre-school at all. Now that I have to admit she is old enough and READY for school, I'm still not ready to let her go. She is more than ready to begin making friends (she does this already with random stranger kids) and go to school like her older brother and sister. I just have to stop putting it off and get my ass to the board of education to get her signed up.

Um... yeah... so I guess if you've been around here for a minute you know that I am always switching the layout. Recently it changed twice in just a couple of days. I think I'm happy now. Maybe...

I am relying the Universe to take it easy on me. She usually doesn't, but every so often I get a little nod in my direction. Last week I needed some guidance. Wouldn't you know the last card that I pulled out was spot on what I was asking about and actually gave me the boost of confidence that I needed.


  1. I dwell on things too. It really is a habit I'd like to break. Especially lately because I dwell on a lot of work stuff and mentally take it home with me and this is a problem.

    1. My brain is like that meme I've seen floating around the internet... it has too many tabs open. I can't sleep some nights because I'm too busy dwelling on things. I need to mediate and do yoga or, you know, drink. =)