I didn't exactly plan to be all matchy with my 3.5 year old, but it turned out that we do kind of match.

My dress is made with one of my grandmother's vintage sheets!  It's super soft and light.  I used the Angie dress pattern from SisBoom Patterns.  Rowan's dress is made with vintage pillowcases.  For hers, I used a FREE pattern from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom (I just love her blog name!). For a free pattern, the pattern and her tutorial are awesome!  Plus it goes from 12 months to 8 years!

Tomorrow is surgery day.  Probably won't be too much sewing or crafting for a little while.  I hope I'm only "down" for a few days.  Good news is that I found a couple of cookbooks at the library on Saturday that I can look through and copy down recipes.  I also happened across Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz.  I loved the tv show, but since it got cancelled - BUMMER - I thought I'd just read the book!  I've also stocked up on yogurt, chicken noodle soup, and some nice veggie stew.  I don't want to piss off my stomach too early on.  One of my besties (who is a SAINT!) has volunteered to make us a few freezer casseroles and me some potato soup for the next week.  I pink puffy heart her.

So here goes nothing y'all!