Currently {february 5th}

this weeks themes:
wondering, running, winning, calling, finishing

Wondering:  We keep getting the short end of the stick around here!  Not that I am wishing for New England blizzards, but can a sista not get a few snow days?!  We've had one measurable snowfall this year and it was gone the next day.  Last night we were supposed to get only an inch, but when I got up this morning.....  one snowflake.  That's what was in my yard.

Running:  Wait... are there zombies!?  'Cause that's the only reason I'm going to be running anywhere.

Winning:  I'm winning at jump-starting my Spring cleaning.  I thinned out the toddler's toys and clothes this week.  As long as I could keep her out of the room, it was easy.  If she happen to wander in....  I'd put 2 things in the tub and she'd take 5 out.

Calling:  I'm going to be calling the electric company.  We had a crazy bill last month and this month's bill is even more, but last month we applied for (and received) assistance for our bill.  However, it's been almost a month and the electric company hasn't applied it to our account so they want us to pay almost $800.  Uh... nerp.  I'm going to try to keep my cool when I call them.

Finishing:  I'm finishing TONS of knitting projects!  I have been burning up my needles this year.  So far I have done four projects and will finish the fifth one this weekend.  This is pretty much why I haven't been around the blog world.  I've already ordered a ton of yarn for future projects.  Psst... don't tell my husband.

Watching:  The 4400.  This is an old show that aired from 2004-2007 on USA.  I loved it.  I was so bummed when it was cancelled without finishing the story.  I hate it when networks do that!  So I'm binge watching it again.

Reading:  ... ... ... still reading Interview with the Vampire.  HOWEVER, I have made time (and progress!) to read so I'm about halfway through.

next weeks themes:
falling, talking, warming, seeing, saying

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  1. I always meant to watch The 4400 but I never got around to it. I'll have to add it to my Netflix list.

    1. I really enjoyed it. Hate that it just ends. All these movies/series getting rebooted... a girl can only hope! =)