Currently {december eleventh}

Duuuuuudde... how is it already the middle of December?!? Does not compute.

Since I used this week's prompts last week when everyone was down with the sickness, I'm just using some random prompts this week and I'll get back into the regular swing next week!

Listening: Still jamming every chance I get to Christmas music on Pandora. We bought a soundbar last year to go in front of our TV and I can hook my tablet right up to it! It's great.

Eating: Cookies!! I've been making cookies galore the past few days. I even came up with a recipe that I'll be sharing in a couple of days. They're so yummy!!  I'm sure someone else has probably already done this cookie, but I've not seen it so I'm totes gonna say it's mine all mine.

Wearing: Sweats, tshirts, yoga pants, etc. Gotta make room for all those cookies I'm baking (and then eating....).

Feeling: Quite a bit worried actually. Since my husband lost his very good job almost two years ago, we have struggled at Christmas time. Luckily, two of our three kids are old enough to understand. The other is still young and is happy no matter what. It still bothers me though.

Hoping: Is it bad that I am hoping for a bit of a white Christmas? Chances are only around 30%, I think. But still... just a little snow on Christmas then bring on warmer weather!!

Reading: I've started the first book in the Vampire Chronicles, Interview with the Vampire.

Watching: Chibs didn't die. Amen. Do you know how hard it was for me to delete Sons of Anarchy from my DVR schedule?  Even though I watch several other shows, I feel so empty right now.

Next week's themes:
loving, reading, choosing, designing, wondering

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  1. I never got into Sons of Anarchy, but I know enough people that are into it that I feel like something's missing now.

    1. I didn't think I would like it at first, but it grew on me. I will miss it, but it had a good run and I'm glad they realized it was time to move on.

  2. Sound bar, you say? Must look into this as our tv does not have stellar acoustics.
    Is that one of the Anne Rice collection your bff got at the 100 Mile a few years ago? Haha!
    I'm telling you...when the store has closed, and the mistletoe mania has ended, we must meet up for frothy coffees and half-priced book shopping. I've cleared so many out of my amazon cart for average price of $3/each! That store is cahrazy good!

    1. Yes! It really is great. My dad bought one and his has Bluetooth.

      It is one of the books! I've read it before (when I was a teenager), but I've never read the entire series. Right off the bat, it is nothing like the movie and I've no idea why they change things like that. Irritates me.

      We so need a Fun Friday.

  3. The financial pressure at Christmas always gets to me too. It's a hard time in many ways, but I am trying to embrace all the good stuff this year. Music and cookies are a good place to start!

    1. These cookies have definitely been helping me out more than I'd like to admit! I think I might've gained a few pounds already! =)