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Finding:  Glasses!  I've worn glasses since I was in the 2nd grade.  I've tried contacts, but every time my finger comes close to my eyeball?  Nope.  I found a couple of places online where I can order glasses, but...

I'm not sure about my parents, but as an adult I have never once been offered my prescription after an exam.  I didn't even know I could ask for it.  At my last exam, my prescription hadn't changed, but my insurance had.  Under my current plan, the exam is covered, but the actual glasses are not.  Because that makes SO MUCH SENSE.  Anyway...  I needed new glasses because my current pair are prone to just drop off my face occasionally, but I couldn't afford to fork over $200 for frames and another $200-300 for the lenses.  Then my friend let me know that she'd never bought her glasses from her doctor and had never left after an exam without her prescription.  I probably sound like a real dunce, but I had no idea.  I promise I'm getting to the point here....  Kaia had an appointment this week and when I asked them for a copy of my prescription, they nearly fell out of their chairs.  It got worse when I asked for a copy of Kaia's before we left.

The assistant came to the window and said, "Uh... you are aware that she's already picked out a pair of glasses, right?"  I tried not to rip her head off and instead said, "Yes, she told me which ones she picked out.  I'd still like a copy of her prescription please."

They made me feel like I was stealing and I didn't like it.  Because she is under 18, her frames and lenses are covered, but when I go back for my next appointment, they are probably all going to have a heart attack when I leave with nothing but a slip of paper in my hand.

Writing:  I don't do too much writing.  As evidenced in the lack of posts on this here blog...

Dressing:  When I read this all I think about is dressing/stuffing because it's Thanksgiving time!  I have a confession to make...  I hate dressing/stuffing.  It feels like a rock in the pit of my stomach every time I eat it.  I'm not very pilgrim-y apparently.

Thinking:  I've been doing a lot of thinking about homeschool.  It's no secret that my oldest daughter has been struggling with finding herself.  Not to mention the relentless bullying of a few girls.  Because of the shoplifting, she was assigned a court designated worker to defer her case and keep it out of the court system.  As part of the deferral program, she was required to begin counseling.  Her counselor asked her to begin keeping a journal.  A place for her to write down her frustrations, thoughts, feelings.  She accidentally left it at school when she went to the eye doctor and one of her "friends" found it.  Instead of realizing what it was and keeping it safe for her until she returned (like a REAL friend would have done), the girl read it then turned it in to a teacher.  Who read it himself before turning it over to the vice principal telling him that he needed to read it as well because there were things he should see.  The vice principal DID NOT read it, but instead returned it to Kaia.  But the damage was already done.  Her trust was broken by the girl, by the teacher.  Now I fear that she will think she can trust no one.  

Beginning:  I started on the beginning of three different scarves this week.  I ended up getting very frustrated because I just couldn't seem to find the pattern that felt right for who the gift is for.  Finally on the fourth pattern, I think I've got the one.

Reading:  Uh... er.... yeah, still on The Ruins.  However!  I see that Anne Rice has come out with a new Lestat book!!  I guess I need to re-read the Vampire Chronicles series.

Watching:  Peaky Blinders, season 2 came out right before I finished season 1!

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  1. It's horrible that that happened to Kaia! The poor thing! I would be so devastated if that happened to me.

    I've never asked for a copy of my prescription before either, but my insurance is ridiculously generous when it comes to glasses, so I always just get them from my eye doctor.

    1. I could tell she was hurt by the whole thing. While she was at school the next day, I took to the internet, found a pattern, and made her a new sewn journal cover that fits great over a composition notebook so she can change it out. Then I printed tons of affirmations and sayings and glued them all through the new notebook! I told her that her old one was sullied and this was a new beginning. She was so grateful that she gave me an unsolicited hug! :) Winning!