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this weeks themes:
throwing, drinking, looking, loving, sharing

THROWING - I'm still throwing a fit about the marching band that uses microphones.  Except at the last competition their band director sat on the steps near us with his iPad and the equalizer app all queued up.  Proceeded to sit there and adjust the sound for their entire performance.  And apparently this is "legal".  TOTAL F'ING CHEATING.  Maybe I'm a bad sport, but I refuse to clap for them.  *insert 3 year old raspberry here*

DRINKING - Mostly anything alcoholic.  This has been the single worst month of my life.  Let's just say that the previous post I made about my daughter and her struggles was eclipsed by a single bad decision that just disappointed me to my core.  I don't even know where to begin with it so I'm just going to leave it at it's bad, but not an irreparable situation.  Only time will tell...

LOOKING -  I'm looking for things to do next week when the kids are on Fall Break from school.  Hubby can't really take time off work so it's an interesting process so far.

LOVING - Love, love, love this weather!!  I'm still not sure what a "basic white girl" is, but apparently I meet that protocol.  I mean... what is a non-basic white girl?  Like a super unbasic white girl?  I haz the confusion.  However, October is definitely my favorite season and I love things like football (Go Packers!) and bonfires.

SHARING - We've been sharing our bed with our toddler.  Every. Single. Night.  She seems to be experiencing a bout of extreme clingy-ness.  Particularly to her mother.  Thank you Daniel Tiger for teaching my 3 year old that she "needs" me.  For all things.  All day.  All night.

Reading: Nothing right now because Netflix sucked me right in...

Watching:  GILMORE GIRLS!!!!

next weeks themes:
reading, thinking, feeling, eating, dreaming

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  1. I hope things get better now we're into October.

  2. Fingers crossed for improvements in the daughterly behavior, too, dude.

    But, Christ, band-wise, couldn't they at least have a pit member (a STUDENT) figure out the audio? Directors are supposed to be completely hands-off in a competition scenario. Dude. I cry foul, too, man. (Or is it "fowl"?) Seriously.

    And I only wish I'd had the time to start watching "Gilmore Girls"! But it WILL happen. Oh, yes. It will.

    1. See I knew I wasn't the only person who felt this was wrong! I just have so much to learn about these rules and such.

      You MUST watch it! I polished off the first season in two days. Now granted, I am a homemaker who may or may not have busted through my daily cleaning in a total half assed way, but still... it is good.

  3. I'm sorry about the struggles with your daughter and I hope things get better.

    Also, that stuff with the marching band just sounds dodgy. How is that allowed??

    1. Another doubter! Hallelujah! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like it's all a little wonky.

      I'm doing what I can. I just hope that this life lesson is one she will not repeat.

  4. Yes! Go Packers!
    Sorry about your daughter. I hope things get easier for your family.