Currently {july seventeenth}

This weeks themes:
saving, closing, loving, despising, throwing

a)  Saving?  Whaaa ha ha ha ha!  I would love to be able to save some money, save my sanity, save the world!  I, however, can save diddly squat.  Three active kids means every single penny goes to something other than the savings account.

b)  We will shortly be closing the books on tent camping.  It's all well and good when you are young and/or don't have young kids.  Right now we are smashed between the teenagers who are always bored and the threenager who is constantly moving.  I've always complained that the point of camping was to camp, but I am quickly realizing the benefits of a camper.  Guess I need to get a little more motivated with that saving issue, huh?

c)  This weather!  I am loving it!  It is so Fall-like outside.  Crisp air, cool breezes.  *sigh*  Bring on October!

d)  Right now I'm despising the Facebook app on my phone.  It updated not long ago and it now forces me into "Top Stories".  Why do they even have this option?!  No one uses it.  I want to see the current feed and I hate that I have to click through several menus to get to it.

e)  Since returning from vacay, I've been throwing tons of clothes in the washer.  I packed three outfits for everyone plus jammies.  How do we have mountains of laundry?!

next weeks themes:
watching, searching, missing, growing, ignoring

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  1. I haven't tried camping with my boys since they're so small, but we did do some cabin camping with friends. It was fun, and we did all the normal camp stuff - camp fires with s'mores, hikes, etc. It was a good time!

  2. All kinds of fancy handshakes on that savings business. We're the same. I think we are technically losing money each year because of Rob's student loans that we're counting as income and still, the savings account is like full of tumbleweeds. ps. Camping sounds so fun! We are thinking we might try that later this summer but it's intimidating with kids for sure!!!