A Vacation Story: Part One

The Bewley Family vacations are always a thing of beauty.  National Lampoon has NOTHING on all the shit that goes wrong or is just plain crazy when we leave home as a group.

Two years ago we vacationed to the Gulf coast.  Pensacola area.  We'd never been and I booked a campsite, sight unseen.  We arrived late, exhausted from our 10 hour drive with two teenagers and a baby.  We had to then spend more than an hour setting up the tents and supplies.  In the hot and humid Florida weather.  We both nearly passed out and none of us could sleep worth a crap because it was just so damn hot.  I was suddenly mad at myself from making fun of the people with air conditioners in their tents.  The next day we discovered that our particular campsite was a virtual marshland.  It stayed wet and soggy our entire trip and the mosquitoes were in heaven.  We could not sit outside our tent.  While we were away on the third day, there was a thunderstorm.  Guess who had all the windows on their tent unzipped because it was just soooooo damn hot?! That's right, we did.  And remember we couldn't sit outside because of the soggy site and mosquitoes.  It was lovely.

Five years ago we visited my friend in south Georgia.  This trip was actually going well.  Until my friend, her sister, and I took a day trip to Savannah.  It was so beautiful!  As soon as we parked and headed toward River Street, I started to have an anxiety attack.  No rhyme or reason, just BAM! having an attack.  Being the attuned friend that she is, she recognized the attack immediately and scooped me back into the car for the return trip to her house.  If that wasn't bad enough, halfway home I get a phone call from The Husband.  Neil had run face first into a big ol' Georgia pine tree in their backyard while he was running around with their dog.

Broke three teeth.

This vacation was no exception.  Friday I'll tell you about the good, then we'll move on to the bad and the ugly.  Yes, I plan on dragging this out in as many posts as possible.  Because, why not?!


  1. I believe that one was the first you called Nat'l Lampoons...

    Poor, NPH... Haha!