Currently {june twelfth}

a)  We live in the country.  I've been hearing lots of bird sounds.  Over the last few years, I've found a new love of bird watching.  We just keep adding more bird feeders to our collection.  I love just sitting on the front porch, watching the birds, and listening to them chatter back and forth.  Plus we have chipmunks.  They are seriously the funniest little things.

b)  No one has really been hinting at anything lately.  My son has been outright irritated that he had to go to basketball practice two days this week.  For a grand total of 3 hours.

c)  I've been seriously hunting for the right vacation spot.  I'm dying to go to a beach.  The kids are dying to go to a beach.  We can't afford to go to a beach.  I'm trying to find the right combination of relaxation and adventure.  It is not an easy task.  Chris only has 5 days of vacation now.  At his old job, he had a couple of weeks, but many of those days were forcibly taken by the company when it did it's annual shutdown in July and December.  That was ok though because we knew exactly what days we could plan.  Now there are TOO MANY OPTIONS.  I haz the confusion.

d)  I've been hankering for a new planner.  Yes, I know that last week I mentioned my love of Google Calendar and I do like the convenience of a quick glance at my phone.  You see... I'm a habitual list maker.  Lists for EVERYTHING.  Makes me feel accomplished.   Last year I purchased a Much Ado About You planner because I'd been seeing just how awesomesauce her calendars were.  I got it and was instantly in love.  However, two things happened... 1) the calendar ends at the end of August, and 2) she stopped selling planners.  I can't decide if I want this planner from Plum Paper Designs on Etsy or if I want an Erin Condren planner.  So hard to choose!

e)  Hoping for a break in the regularly scheduled daily rain showers.  This yard is turning into a jungle and while I love all those cute little creatures in the yard, I don't like tall grass.  Tall grass has ticks and snacks and all those little creatures that aren't cute.

Currently reading: Under The Dome by Stephen King
Currently watching: Orange is the New Black (Season 2)

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  1. I love having birds visit too, and am amazed at how quickly they get through whatever we put out. It's mostly sparrows and blackbirds and thrushes here, some finches. I suspect your get more exotic visitors!

    1. I'm amazed too! Those birds are too skinny to eat so much! We get those same kinds as well, not too many finches though. I haven't purchased any finch feeders, but I have been looking at them. We get this crazy interesting bird called a nuthatch. They climb down the tree face first, swoop to the feeder, grab a single black sunflower seed, then fly back to the tree trunk and bang it until the shell pops. Once they get used to you, I've had them come up to the feeder while I was still filling it!

  2. I finished reading Under the Dome last summer and it was so good, are you enjoying it?
    Our yard is a mess, but we couldn't really do any work in it this past weekend because my husband hurt his neck so was laid up.
    I need a vacation, badly for some reason.

    1. I saw that you had read it! I am enjoying it. I haven't watched any of the show so I had no idea what it was about, but I knew I wanted to read it first.

      Yikes! I hope your hubs feels better soon!