Currently {march twenty seventh}

I'm going to mix it up around here this week.  'Cause I'm just c-r-a-z-y like that.

Ok, not really.

This week I thought I'd share what I've been reading and watching.  I FINALLY found Divergent through the library.  I've been trying to read this book for a year. Yes, I could have just gone out and bought it myself, but I'm a fan of the public library.  In today's all digital, all the time world, it's nice to just slow down.  And I pay for it with my local taxes so technically I own the book anyway, right?  Of course, there has been a waiting list.  Even on the online library rentals, which I only use if I can't find the book at the brick and mortar library.  Waiting lists.  Blah.

I'm only to chapter 23 so far.  It's... hmmm.  Well, first off, I think I made a mistake by reading several reviews over the course of the last year.  It seems either you LOVE IT or you HATE IT.  I noticed that most people who hated it were constantly comparing it to the Hunger Games trilogy.  Which I enjoyed very much. So I'm trying very hard to not make comparisons between the two.  I'm trying to read it as if I've never read the HG.  I'm disappointed in myself though because I keep picturing Shailene Woodley while I read.  I'd rather have my own "in my head" version while reading.

When not reading, I've been catching up and totally crushing on the History Channel's Vikings.  I suddenly want to have more kids and name them Ragnar and Lagertha.  And start researching more of my ancestry with my hand secretly crossed behind my back that I have Northmen in my heritage.  Probably not, but wowzers this show is awesome.  Blood and fights and sex.  Yessssss.

After getting all caught up with that, it was on to BBC America's Orphan Black.  Just a few episodes into this one, but it is very addicting.  I HAVE TO KNOW what is going to happen next.  The main actress plays so many characters that I can't believe she doesn't get them confused.

While I'm on the subject of tv, freakin' ABC.  *sigh* They have cancelled yet another show that has millions of fans.  Ravenswood.  It's kind of a guilty pleasure like Pretty Little Liars.  It's always ABC too.  I was really interested in watching their new show Resurrection, but refused to watch it.  I just know they will cancel it.  Plus their once useful app and online site are now worthless to me because I don't have the correct cable company to watch recent shows online.

We are seriously looking into doing away with satellite package anyway.  It's just too expensive.  I did a bit of figuring and we could save more than $1,500 a year by eliminating satellite and just going with an over-the-air antenna and Netflix and Hulu Plus.  We will be missing some sports games and a few of my most favorite shows, but seriously?



  1. I heard Bunheads was canceled as well and that so made me so super sad, it was such a quirky great show. I haven't read Divergent yet, its on my amazon wish list after hearing so many great things about it. I am bummed I hadn't read it before the movie came out.

  2. I decided to go ahead and give Resurrection a try. It's good, but yeah, it's likely going to see early cancellation. Too bad. It's always the good ones.