Currently {September Fifth}

What, what?! It's September!

Just a few more weeks until my favorite month of the year... squeeeee! Yes, I did squee about it. Until then... here's what I am currently growing, buying, earning, judging, and embracing!

I am growing anxious of the Summer season to transition into Fall.  Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.  Winter is too cold, Spring is too wet, Summer is too hot.  Fall = perfection!  It goes without saying that Halloween is also my favorite holiday.

School is just starting for several areas of the nation, but for us, it's been a month.  Just long enough for the fundraisers and activities to come around with their hand out.  We've been buying chocolate bars for band, as well as 2 each of a band sweatshirt, polo shirt, and pep tshirt.  The school has already sent home notice that yearbook sales will be starting soon and that school pics are next week.  Basketball is about to have their annual shoot-a-thon to raise money so we don't have to pay the full price for the new shoes, socks, warm-ups, and backpacks for the season.  Basically, I'm broke until next year.

My new little coffee maker is earning it's keep!  I only drink one cup of coffee every morning.  I've been purchasing the premade cappuccino mix for a long time, but it was becoming fairly expensive.  I was eyeing a Keurig machine, but what the hell man?  $100+ for a single cup coffee maker?  Plus those K-cup packs are not cheap.  Solution = a $15 coffee maker and a small $5 container of Folgers Hazelnut ground coffee.  No filters needed because this inexpensive coffee maker comes with a permanent filter!

I am having a very difficult time not judging these government officials who insist that we must punish Syria.  NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.  What has happened/is happening to the Syrian people during their civil war is a tragedy.  My heart goes out to those families who have lost loved ones, but it is NOT the United States job to police other nations.  These men who are so gung-ho to start yet another war with a Middle Eastern country can't even find the time to balance our own nation's budget, manage the insane price of gas, find a solution for affordable health care in our own country.  And what about Detroit?  How about we stay out of other's people's business for once and tend to our own problems?!  And while I'm judging... I'm just going to say that fast food employees deserve a fair wage and benefits, but $14-15 an hour is the single most RIDICULOUS thing I've heard in a while.  People go to college and start jobs making less than that. And now Wal-Mart employees are striking for higher wages.  As a former Wal-Mart employee myself,  I say to you... shut the hell up!! This nation has become a nation of lazy ass people who think they deserve something they haven't worked for.  It's embarrassing.

Embracing my lack of domestic energies.  The household duties get out of control with the quickness!  I'm currently on a mission to find an easy to follow and efficient schedule of cleaning.  One that is toddler friendly because you can't leave this stinker alone for a second.  She is a coffee thief. =)


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