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I have been spending all my time knitting!  I made this Nature Baby Kimono for my friend.  I was going to keep it until her shower, but I was so excited that I had gotten it done and that it looked good!  I took it to her early. Hee hee!  Then I immediately started on my next project.  Which is super secret until it's done.

I'm saving as much patience as possible.  Rowan has been showing signs of interest in using the potty for a while now.  As long as she is naked on the bottom, she will make it to the actual potty about 7 out of 10 times.  The other 3 times she will begin to pee, grab herself, say uh oh!, and run for the bathroom.  Occasionally she'll get all the way to the bathroom only to pee in the floor.  All over the floor.  I'm trying to be encouraging.  I'm trying to not get irritated having to wipe up pee from the floor a few times a day.  We originally purchased a seat that fits onto the big potty, but now I'm wondering if we should invest in a seat that is separate and sits on the floor.

I'm still speaking to my husband about less processed foods.  He might be asleep when I do it.  Subliminal messaging.

I'm going.  I'm not sure where I am going, but I know that I will get there eventually. =)

I'm sharing this little video of Rowan from our adventures outside in the beautiful weather yesterday!

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