Currently {A New Feature}

I feel it's kind of obvious that I'm pretty scatterbrained.  I think that's why I have so much trouble with those daily challenges.  So... I have a plan.

It's a feature.  NOT a challenge.

First seen on Craft, Interrupted, hosted by Randalin of Harvesting Kale and Lindsey of OT and ET.
Currently.  It's a weekly feature with prompts.  It's also a blog link up.  I think I can manage a once a week feature post.  I feel it's not looming over me.  A nice little way to say, "Hey!  Here's what is going down with me."

Today I start.  I even made my own cool little picture to go with it!  I am committed y'all.


Rowan is now 23 months old.  She is coveting everything.  Back in 2011, we drove to Chattanooga for my oldest daughter's birthday.  She picked out a huge stuffed otter.  Now Ro won't go anywhere, and won't sleep, without "Cocoa".

Right now I'm imagining what in the world my son could be doing in Nashville with a bunch of other middle and high school basketball players.  At 13 years old, this is his first overnight camping experience.  It'll only be for three days/two nights, but I still worry what kind of trouble he might get himself into.

I keep asking for a book light.  I mention it before major holidays.  I've still not received one.  Dear Husband,  BUY ME A BOOK LIGHT! I DON'T NEED ANOTHER BOX OF MILK DUDS.  Thank you.

I hadn't mentioned it here in on the blog, but we were in talks with a couple of lenders to buy our first home when my husband suddenly lost his job a few month ago.  The money we were going to use for down payment and closing costs, etc. ended up being used for other things.  {Like a second vehicle...}  So we've just opened up a new savings account in hopes of being able to find a lender in the next few months that can help a brother {and sister!} out!

I am fearing that we won't find another lender to help us out and will end up having to move.


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