It's Not Sew Hard

Over the weekend,  I decided to start working on a couple of patterns that I recently purchased from Blank Slate Patterns.

If you follow me through Instagram then you already know that I had a few issues with the School Day Skirt pattern.  First, I accidentally sewed the top onto the bottom upside down.  I did this using my machine's overlock stitch, which is like a serger.  It would be an understate to say that removing that seam was a pain in the ass.  When I got it done, I realized that I couldn't really use the top half anymore so I cut new pieces.  I made sure that I pinned the top half on correctly and proceeded to attach the two halves.

Then I realized I'd sewn the bottom half on wrong side out.  D'OH!!!

I put the material down, turned off the sewing machine, put away my notions, and WALKED AWAY.  The pattern and instructions themselves are easy to follow and it has photos.  It's just that I wasn't paying attention and was distracted by everything going on.  Store that pattern away for another day.

Tuesday morning I was feeling a tad on the crafty side.  The sting from the weekend's debacle was subsiding.  I decided to try out the Little Bow Pleat dress.  How cute is that name?  For real.

I thought to myself that I was probably testing fate because this dress has a zipper.  I've never before sewn a zipper into an article of clothing.

After getting the zipper all squared away, it wasn't as hard as I thought!  I guess I shouldn't get too confident though.  It was a pretty straight forward insertion.

Front of completed dress

Back of completed dress (with invisible zipper) BOOYA!

Look at the cute bow in the front!

It's Rowan approved!

From start to finish, this dress took me about 8 hours.  I did have to pause frequently to monitor what the baby was doing, read her a book, fix her a snack, lunch, another snack, diaper changes, and then I had to eat too.  Without interruption, I could probably get it done in six hours.

I look forward to giving that skirt pattern another chance now!

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