Romping Around

Monday was actually a good day!  I have to make note because that rarely happens.

Two weeks after being let go from his job of eight years, my husband started a new job yesterday!  He's basically doing the same thing that he was doing at his old job with a little extra opportunities to learn more about his trade.  He's not making quite as much per hour, but this job is closer to the house.  He doesn't have to worry about getting up at 4:30AM so he can get ready and drive 45 miles in one direction.  It's a great opportunity and I'm (we're) grateful for the change.  

I guess that old adage of "everything happens for a reason" is true.  

I was also able to get some sewing done on Monday afternoon.  I got a baby gift done, but I'm not posting any photos because I don't want the mama to see it yet!  

Since it's FINALLY starting to warm up around here and I found THE CUTEST fabric at Hobby Lobby on Saturday, I decided to break out a 5 Berries pattern that I've been sitting on all Winter.   A romper!  

Pay no attention to her awesomely funktastic shiner of a black eye.  She had a run in with a side table in the living room.

I went with the 2T size.  It turned out to be just a smidge too big, but I think the 18-24 months would have been too close to perfect.  She would have outgrown it by next week.  The pattern called for elastic in the legs, but I just wasn't sure if I wanted to add it.  Her chunky thighs tend to eat her shorts when they are too tight on her legs.  I got a second opinion from my husband when he got home and we agreed.  No elastic.

She posed for me for one tiny nanosecond.  Then away she went!  I can't believe how fast she goes on those little legs.  I kept snapping photos anyway.  I'm glad I did because I captured the first photo of her supermodel self....

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