Nurture Photography - Yellow/Easter

I had big intentions.  I always do!  We didn't do a big Easter this year.  The older kids are, well... older and the youngest is still young enough that I don't have to go all out crazy cakes for holidays.  So not a big picture taking opportunity.

Yellow.   ...   ...   ...  Hmmmm...

I know the calendar says it's Spring, but up until just this week, it was still steadfastedly (wait... is that even a word?!) Winter in Kentucky.  I've done a couple of yellow photo challenges before.  One in Summer, and one in Autumn.  They were definitely a challenge for me then and that was no different this time around.  Even if it is a different season!

I realized I had to get creative.  Look at it differently.

I'll admit that I probably should have looked harder.  There were some daffodils blooming across the street, but I felt like if I used them I was copping out.  I've really neglected my camera and photography for a while.  I'm hoping by pushing myself to accomplish even a mediocre photo will help me to become more motivated in the future.

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