Nurture Photography - Lilac/Flowers

Our lilac tree/bush has been blooming for a week or so and it smells so lovely.  Many of the blooms have begun to die off so I was glad I was able to capture a few photos before they were gone.

We also have some wisteria growing in our back yard.  It also smells great, but the bees think so too!  I had to be cautious getting so close.

And then we have these cute little miniature daffodil looking flowers.

UPDATE:  On last week's challenge, I had posted a photo of a plant that I thought was a trillium, but I couldn't determine what kind it was.  I recently downloaded a new app on my iPad called Audubon Guides - A Field Guide to Birds, Mammals, Wildflowers, and Trees.  It's on sale for $5 (normally it's $20) until 4/29/13 to celebrate Audubon's birthday.  Through this app I was able to discover that the trillium I photographed is called a Toad Shade (trillium sessile).  I also discovered that it supposedly smells like decaying flesh.  Ick!  I'm glad I didn't get that close.


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