Nurture Photography - Green/Nature

Green or nature?  This week I can do!  I love, love, love taking photos of plants and animals.  It's muh favorite.  

Last weekend we kind of pooped out on our hike through the woods.  We vowed on our way back to the car that we would return soon and complete the trek.  And that's just what we intended to do!  Except then we didn't and here we are at Friday again!  Where did this week go?!

So I'm going to cheat a little bit, cheating in my mind at least.  Here are a couple of photos from our trek last week.

This is some variation of Trillium.  I've consulted Dr. Google on this and it matches a couple of different variations.  I like them.  Variegated leaves, little pop of color.  Great Spring harbinger.

Looking up at the trees along the trail.  There were buds of leaves everywhere!  I bet when we return, the will look completely full of bright green leaves!


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