Tooting My Horn (Again)

Toot, toot!

I've been toying with the idea of opening an Etsy shop or selling baby goods online.  Especially since we need the extra income, but I also need to be at home.

My grandmother was a seamstress.  My mother has always been great at sewing.  Me? Not so much.  Sewing, crafting, needlework is lost on my generation.  People of today really have no idea how to do things for themselves.  Myself included.

I'm trying though.  We started a small garden to test the waters this year.  This past Saturday was my second trip to my local farmer's market, where I purchased local pork and chicken and veggies.  I've dabbled with sewing pillows and small projects.  I've sewn the baby a couple of things like blankets and a couple of jumpers, like the dress for her first birthday party and I altered several of her smaller onesies to accommodate her cloth diapers.  I've really started to look at more useful patterns.

I'm so proud of the work I've done.  I get enjoyment from creating something from nothing.  Even more when I get it right with minimal seam ripping.  I hate to admit that I've become quite good at ripping seams.

This dress is reversible!  I was over the moon excited when I finished it.  I've never sewn sleeves of any kind and these are reversible sleeves.  There were a few times in the process where I thought the patterns instructions were completely wrong, but I followed them anyway.  Smart thing that I did because it turned out great!  

This is the same pattern that I used for the birthday dress, but I took a leap and decided to make the bloomers to match.  Never used elastic before.  It wasn't nearly as difficult as my brain had lead me to believe.

I can not wait to create more outfits!

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