First Birthday Dress!

I'm so excited that I got Rowan's dress made!  I have decided to go with a rainbow theme for her first birthday, which is approaching at an extremely rapid pace.  I thought it would be a cute idea to have her wear a rainbow themed dress or outfit for the day.

I had the dress idea in my head, but I just couldn't find the pattern that I wanted.  Then BAM! one day, there it was.  The Mayah dress from Sew Sweet Patterns.  At only $6, I couldn't pass it up.  In fact, I bought that pattern and the Iris dress pattern (it's reversible!!).  So I had the pattern, now I had to find the fabric.

Do you know how hard it was for me to find rainbow chevron fabric?  Annoyingly hard.  I searched the internet for quite sometime before finally landing at The Fab Store on Etsy.  That lady has some seriously fab fabrics.  Quick shipping, decent prices.  I was almost ready to start sewing.  I had to find a fabric for the inside.  Que up the local Wal-Mart....  I could have gone to Hobby Lobby, but then I'd have been there all day and probably walked out with three times as much stuff as I really needed.  Her birthday is in July and I wanted something that wouldn't be too hot.  I found the perfect silky, purple fabric.  

I'm getting so excited about her birthday, but it's sad too.  How can she be a year old already!?  It's simply not possible.

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