Crazy Days of Summer | Week 8 | Motion

I took these photos back in June.  Completely by accident actually.  I was trying to capture some lightning bugs for "Light" week, but wasn't having any luck.  I moved on to a fairly bright light across the road from my house.  I had set up the camera to try to capture a bat that was circling all the gathering bugs for "Critter" week.  I didn't have any luck with that either.  Then it hit me...  I could capture a vehicle passing me on the road.

The first few tries didn't turn out so well.  I had to make SEVERAL adjustments.  We live in a rural area so I wasn't getting a lot of traffic either.  I yelled to the husband to grab the keys and had him drive up and down the road in front of me.  I'm sure that the few people who were driving by at 8:30pm must have thought I was crazy standing out there.  I had him drive by with lights on bright, lights on dim, fog lights on, fog lights off, and I even got a shot of him driving away.

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UPDATED TO ADD:  Settings for photo #1 are - f/5.6, ISO 800, 48 mm.  Settings for photo #2 are - f/5.6, ISO 800, 55mm.  I have a Nikon D40 and used the Shutter Priority mode, no flash on either photo.  I fiddled with the length of exposure until I liked the photo.  It wasn't completely dark, but AUTO focus wasn't going to work.  I let the lens AUTO focus on the silhouette of the treetops then switched the lens to manual focus.  To make sure the lens would stay open for the needed length I pushed the shutter just before he rounded the corner.  I also made use of my mother-in-law's tripod!  Thanks for all your great comments!!

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