Crazy Days of Summer Week 5: Light

It's that time again!  Friday!  Woooo!  And it's a long weekend for most folks here in the good ol' US of A 'cause it's the 4th of July weekend!  It's also time for this week's Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge!

Theme for the week is "Light".  Make sure to stop by Alicia's and/or Kristi's to see all the fan-tab-ulous photos!

Nikon D40 | 40mm | f/11 | ISO 200 | Shutter 1/400

Nikon D40 | 34mm | f/8 | ISO 200 | Shutter 1/320

Nikon D40 | 40mm | f/8 |  ISO 400 | Shutter 1/80

Nikon D40 | 55mm | f/8 | ISO 200 | Shutter 1/400

Nikon D40 | 55mm | f/8 | ISO 200 | Shutter 1/400

I really like the last photo so I thought I'd show the SOOC version along with the edited one.  Of course I added my name, but that's it!  I'm really enjoying these challenges every week.  They give me a chance to really get out and work on learning how to properly use my camera!

Don't forget to stop by this week's photo challenge to link up your photos or just check out the entries!

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