Crazy Days of Summer - Refreshing!

Alicia from Project Alicia and Kristi from Live and Love Out Loud are having a Crazy Days of Summer photo challenge.  I missed the first week, which was flowers. I guess it's a good thing though because NONE of the flowers in our yard have bloomed this year. We have a peony that always has tons and tons of flowers, but this year not a single flower!  This week's theme is/was "Refreshing".

We used to have a semi-big pool.  We started with one of those 12ft. Easy Set pools a few years ago then upgraded to a 15ft. one.  The kids have more than outgrown it, sadly.  And it developed the world's smallest inaccessible hole.  We were planning to purchase a larger one this year, but the daunting task of finding a level enough spot in our yard OR hauling in sand and leveling a spot was just too much for one man to do.  Look out next year yard, you're getting a makeover a'la new pool!  This year has already been so hot and stifling.  The sprinkler just wasn't cutting it anymore.  I told the husband to grab the cheapest pool that we could just dip in and jump out of with minimal setup.  Voila!  $20 two ring blow up pool.  The photo featured on the webpage IS NOT ACCURATE at all.  It says it's "ideal for 3 children and 2 adults to swim".  Uh... no way, no how.  Now listen I wasn't expecting that all four (and a half!) of us would be able to even sit in the thing comfortably, but I really want to call Walmart and complain of the false advertising of the images depicted for their pools.  However, it serves it's purpose and it was only $20.

Ahhh.... refreshing!!!
Obviously, it's Neil approved.

The contest runs from 12:00am Friday - 11:59pm Wednesday.  Next week's theme, Week 3 - June 17th is Water.  Get your cameras clicking, then head over and add your photos to the blog hop!

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