Nailed It!

I am a biter.

I have bitten my fingernails for as long as I can remember. I've always wanted long nails. Many attempts have been made by me to stop biting over the course of my life. I've tried acrylics, press ons, polish that tastes disgusting, gels, nail wraps, anything that I thought would help!

Now I can proudly say that at the age of 40, I finally have nails instead of nubs. My problem wasn't only biting them though. They were weak and any time they got just a little bit long, they would split on the side. So then I'd have this one nail that was shorter than the others. That would lead to picking and finally I would then just bite them all off.

Back to square one.

I saw an article about this miracle stuff from OPI called Nail Envy. I said what the hell, I've tried every other thing under the Sun, let's give it a whirl. Y'all. It works. I followed the instructions closely the first week, but after that very loosely. Now I just use it as my base coat before any colored polishes.

With all that begin said, I find that I think less about biting or picking if I keep my nails polished. I've built up a little collection, but they were hard to see in my bathroom cabinet so I found this cute new polish rack for less than $14!

A little assembly was required and I felt like an idiot because I kept trying to put the edge pieces on while the actual rack was upside down. Oops. It's supposed to hold up to 60 bottles and I think it will. The Julep polishes in the top right hand corner are actually doubled up. There are 9 of them in that little space! They all fit very well and there is a small lip that keeps them from falling off too!

It works great for my essential oils too! I don't have a whole lot of them, but this gives me a place to stack them where I can see exactly what I have.

Best $14 I've spent on a shelf!

*This post contains affiliate links for OPI Nail Envy and nail polish rack.

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