Currently | July 22nd

Doing | Getting prepped for back to school. We have just 17 days until the first day back for the new school year. Summer flew by as it usually does. It all feels a little strange with only two kids to get ready to go again. We are down to only a few items left on Ro's Summer bucket list so we are trying to cram as much as we can get into the next two weeks.

Thinking | We were thinking that my daughter's marching band days were over, but they have asked her to stay on as an assistant/helper. This way she will be able to still enjoy her senior year and finish her 8th and final year as a band student. I will admit that I was pretty down about not being with our band family. Because after this many years, it feels like family.

Eating | I found out that you can get a large water with added strawberries at a local fast food chain for less than $1. I need to drink less soda and more water, but water is so.... water. But add some strawberries and it's great! So I bought some frozen strawberries and have been making my own strawberry waters.

Reading | Fahrenheit 451

Watching | Queen of the South, loving this show. Don't know why I wasn't watching it before now. So good.

Weather | Humid. Lots of humidity. Today is cloudy and slightly rainy, but oh so much better temperature wise.

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