Currently | May 27th

Currently is a weekly blog post of catching up on the week's events!

Doing | I managed to convince my husband to let me till up a small area close to our house for a little garden this year. I've been doing really well with keeping the weeds to a minimum so far! I do miss the big garden we had a couple of year ago, but it was honestly just a little too big and got out of control very quickly. I'm happy with my little garden.

Listening & Thinking | The closer it gets to the end of the school year (2 more school days!), the more time I find myself just sitting outside. Listening to the sounds around me and just being in the present moment. I've been thinking about deleting my Facebook app from my phone for at least the month of June. I find myself picking up my phone far too often and I don't like it. I need a break.

Eating | My job as a bus monitor isn't a bad job, but it does have one drawback. No paycheck for the two months of break over the Summer. So in anticipation of the lack of having those extra funds for June/July, I'm thinking ahead and trying to get back into meal planning. I sat down and wrote out a menu for the next week, starting today. I managed to get everything I needed, except sausage, for under $100 at the grocery store yesterday.

Reading | The last book in the Raven Cycle series, The Raven King.

Watching | All these season finales are killin' me with their cliffhangers. And LUCIFER... how can Fox cancel this show?! It's so disappointing how networks don't give shows much of a chance anymore. People don't start watching because they are afraid the network will cancel the show and leave us all hanging.

Weather | Summer came in like a lion here in Kentucky. We skipped right over Spring and went to hot, humid, where-is-the-shade weather.

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